Hebei Kangruida Lipid Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in research, development, production and marketing of structural lipid biotechnology.

Under the guidance of "Lipid Metabolism and Disease, Nutrition and Cancer" Targeted Fatty Acids Distribution and Clinical Biomarker Physics, the company has developed a precise research on targeting structured lipids for critically ill patients in pre-operation, rehabilitation, family health and chronic disease patients by enzymatic technology. Rehabilitation series products are the only enterprises in China to obtain medium and long chain fatty acid edible oil SC.

Brand Advantage

Product Innovation - To achieve new food raw materials and innovation, and strive for strong competitiveness under the circumstances permitted by the law.

Innovation is based on raw materials. It is based on the establishment of research and the study of "don't do anything" in order to achieve the innovation licensed by the state.

Chinese Medicine

The long-chain functional characteristic fatty acids of Chinese traditional medicine fruits in Compendium of Materia Medica Monthly were prepared by biocatalytic technology based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine. The structured lipids with nutritional treatment as one of the precise components of Chinese traditional medicine were prepared by molecular modification.

Multiple applications

In addition to replacing or relaying the long-chain fat emulsion of nutritional drugs imported from clinic, we can achieve the goal of family healthy cooking and eating, solid drinks corresponding to various diseases, and achieve the goal of obtaining health through food nutrition.


With one-thousandth accuracy of modern biopharmaceutical technology, the precise targeting function can be achieved.

Clinical convenience

Family health and other sub-health status, patients before mobile phones, rehabilitation period, nasal feeding tube feeding, personalized design, easy to eat, to meet the rehabilitation needs of coexistence of multiple diseases.

For more than ten years, the nutritional drugs for injecting medium and long-chain fat emulsion have been monopolized by foreign enterprises: Sweden's Structurolipid 20% and FE73403, Structolipid 20% - 250ml price as high as 285 yuan, FE73403 price is higher. The main domestic fat milk products are Structolipid of Huarui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Structolipid has been registered and listed in Sweden, Denmark, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Germany and other 18 European countries. Even in China, the long-chain structured fat emulsion base material of Huaruiliwen brand, which has applied for drug approval, is still imported directly. For half a century, physical mixed medium/long chain fat emulsion has been used in injecting nutritional drugs in China. Research and Development of Oral Medium and Long Chain Fatty Acid Structured Fat Emulsion

"Structures" are slightly different and "results" are quite different. Differences between "medium-long chain fatty acids" and "medium-long chain fatty acids"

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